DIY sunburst mirror

You can create a sunburst mirror by yourself. It’s actually quite simple. You’ll need a mirror with a flat frame edge, around 150 pieces of branches or twigs, blue sticks, a glue gun, painter’s tape, a yardstick, a saw, sandpaper, a sheet of paper, spray primer, spray paint and hanging hardware. Since you’re going to use branches, the mirror will have a rustic and original design. Before beginning the project it would be best to attach the hanging hardware to the back of the frame.

The first step of this project is to cut the branches to varying lengths between 15 to 18 inches long. Of course, these dimensions are just a suggestion. You can feel free to adjust the design and instructions according to your preferences. Next, use tape to create intersecting lines on the mirror’s surface. Use the yardstick as a guide.

These lines will help you create a uniform look for your mirror. If you want, you can leave the branches as such or you can paint them. Now use the glue gun to attach several branches to the frame. Using the guidelines you have created using tape, glue the other branches and create a radiating circle around the mirror frame. Now you have a lovely sunburst mirror. Given the fact that you used branches/twigs, your mirror will be unique. Also, you can adjust the design and personalize it. For example, you can use more than one color for the branches or you can use something else instead of twigs, maybe something a little more solid.