5 Great Outdoor Mason Jar Lighting Projects

Project One:

Candle Lighting

Fill mason jars one third full with sand, beans or gravel, and nestle a small candle into the sand. Hang from trees and rooftops with heavy twine. Looks best in groups hung at different heights. Great if done over a dining table under the trees!

Project Two:

Got an unused clothesline? Hang mason jars randomly along the clothesline with wire. Now string white mini lights along the clothesline, wrapping as you go. When you reach a mason jar, wrap lights down into the jar, then back out again, and continue along the clothesline. Back yard bbq’s will never be the same!

Project Three:

Mason Jar Light Cluster

Create your own pendant lights with mason jars! We like the tutorial at In.Gredients.

Project Four:

Mason Jar Oil Lamps

These are pretty easy to make… Poke a hole in the lid of the jar with a nail or drill. Insert a wick through the hole into the bottom of the jar. Fill with non toxic burning oil. I hear even olive oil will burn! Use a fiberglass wick from the craft store for best results, but you could even use a 100% cotton strip of fabric in a pinch. Light, and enjoy!

Project Five:

Solar Mason Jar Lantern

This DIY mason jar project is easy, and inexpensive! Simply buy those small inexpensive garden solar lights at the dollar or discount store. Take the top “light and battery” section off of the stake. Place the light into the jar. Make sure the jar is positioned so that the solar panel gets lots of sun during the day. This is especially gorgeous with frosted glass jars.